n the beginning...

The EP "GENESIS," is the product of a long time friendship, and a one day studio session between musician/singer-songwriter, Tyler Suarez and musician/producer, Brenton Morrison (a.k.a. TRAXX).


The two, hovering over the void of a new project file on a rainy, reflective December night, created a three song EP that captures a raw, genuine musical genesis.

Since meeting each other in the music department at the University of Bridgeport their freshman year, Tyler and TRAXX shared a connection; a musical one that words cannot describe. When placed in the "Garden of Eden," more commonly known as a recording studio, the two create entirely new worlds. Although, this EP is not the first time the two have created new worlds. Tyler and TRAXX are half of the band 1TAKE, a side project where four musicians create raw, unpolished music in its purest form, all in one take. 

With their love for music and how it touches the human soul, the two took their "1TAKE mentality," and created a new world, one they could call their own.

Going into the session they didn't know what expect, all they knew was that they were going to make something that collectively represented the both of them. From Tyler's rock roots, TRAXX'S bold beats, and their shared appreciation of jazz and classical music, they wanted to create something that not only speaks through its musical technicalities, but its auditory atmosphere.


"GENESIS" is proof that music is within us. This EP wasn't made, it formed from the musical connection between two people who know how to allow music to highlight the true beauty of existence.


Some reach for God, Tyler and TRAXX believe that reaching for an instrument is one and the same. 

This EP happened in one day, imagine what they could create in seven?

The new EP "GENESIS" by TYLER SUAREZ • TRAXX is available everywhere now.


Covers and art direction by our dear and talented friend Tahyb


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